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The original and most reliable critical css service available. Has helped millions of websites get brilliant render times — Yours next?

CriticalCSS helps us since years optimizing websites for performance with this little tool like magic! Great to see the development to have the integration in WordPress Plugins and the Live-API. This is our favorite solution!
Thank you for wonderful and useful aid. I was able to get my Wordpress Pagespeed to 98! You have provided very valuable tool for Wordpress community.
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(especially on mobile, where render times matter the most)
Generate critical css by just entering a url

Simple UI

To generate critical css, just enter your url.
The tool takes care of the rest.

Validate critical css with screenshot comparisons

Validate the result

Instantly validate your critical css.
No manual testing needed!

Regenerate critical css with one click

Find and re-generate old critical css

Updated your site? One click to re-generate the critical css.
All old results saved on your account.

Automated Wordpress Integrations

Automated Wordpress Integrations

On Wordpress? It’s even simpler. No need to worry about how to setup critical css on your site(s) — let the automated Autoptimize plugin take care of everything.

Predictable pricing

Create critical css for as many websites as you want, all for the same price. Manual integration into your site(s).

With our 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

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