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Generate critical css by just entering a url

Generate in one step

To generate critical css, just enter your url. The service takes care of the rest.

Validate critical css with screenshot comparisons

Validate for full confidence

Automated checks run together with screenshot validation for full confidence in the critical css before putting to use in production. Time saver!

Regenerate critical css with one click

Keep up-to-date easily

Updated a web page? One click to re-generate the critical css.
All old results saved on your account.

Automated Wordpress Integrations

Automate completely on WordPress

Lean back and let the automated Autoptimize plugin take care of everything, from integration of critical css to keeping it up to date on all your pages. Starting from £5 extra per month.

What our customers say

Our customers enjoy stellar page load performance and all the benefits that come with it.

Simple, predictable pricing

All plans charged monthly, starting from £2/month.

  • Automatic validation of critical css
  • Unlimited domains - create critical css for as many websites as you want, all for the same price.
  • Manual integration into your site(s)
per month

With our money back guaranteeyou have nothing to lose!

Refunds given for requests within first 30 days since account creation.

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